Rediscreen Strep Test (Clia Waived) 54.50 per 25
Blood Pressure Aneroid Unit, Dial Style, Adult Premium w/Case 42.77 Each
Blood Pressure Aneroid Unit, Dial Style, Large Adult w/Case
47.99 Each 
Blood Pressure Aneroid Unit, Dial Style, Pediatric w/Case
37.40 Each
Blood Pressure Unit Parts - All Parts are Available!
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Chemstrip 10SG
54.70 per 100
Colocheck Office Pack, Occult Blood Testing, Triples
116.35 per 100 Kits
Colocheck Single Slides, Occult Blood Testing
38.90 per 100
Diagnostic Equipment by Welch Allyn - Full Line Available!
Welch Allyn Page
ECG Systems by Welch Allyn
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Electrodes, Resting Lab (Silver/Silver Chloride) #A10022
72.50 per 1000
Eye Chart, Kindergarten
8.99 Each
Eye Chart, Snellen
8.99 Each
Eye Chart, Illiterate
8.99 Each
Lancets, Short
10.95 per 200
Microscopes, Quality Instruments by Seiler
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Microscope Cover Glass, 22mm x 22mm
3.39 per ounce
Microscope Slides, Frosted Ends, 1" x 3"
5.50 per 72
Microscope Slides, Plain Ends, 1" x 3"
4.85 per 72
Multistix 10SG
51.95 per 100
Penlights, Disposable
8.95 per 6 Pack
Pregnancy Test, One-step, Urine
48.50 per 25 Tests
Reagent Strips, DiaScreen 10 
39.75 per 100
Scales can be found in the miscellaneous section!  
Spore Test for Autoclaves, Mail-in
59.79 per 6 Tests
Stethoscope, Economy, Dual-head, Colors
12.95 Each
Stethoscope, Littmann Cardiology III, Colors 
165.00 Each
Stethoscope, Littmann Classic II S.E., Colors
78.50 Each
Stethoscope, Littmann Lightweight, Colors
48.95 Each
Stethoscope, Littmann Master Cardiology, Colors
Thermometer, Welch Allyn Thermoscan Ear Thermometer ( Braun)
198.50 Each
Thermoscan Probe Covers
16.65 per box of 200
Welch Allyn SureTemp Oral Thermometer
248.70 Each
Thermometer Probe Covers for the Welch Allyn SureTemp Oral Thermometer
16.65 per 250

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