Actamin - Non-aspirin Pain & Fever Relief 13.75 per 
250 Packets of 2
Actamin Extra - Extra Strength
14.45 per 
150 Packets of 2
Pain Off - Maximum Strength Pain Relief
29.95 per 
250 Packets of 2
Aspirin - Quality Aspirin
11.90 for 
250 Packets of 2
Back-Quell - Back Pain Relief and Muscle Relaxant
41.50 per 
150 Packets of 2
TRI - Buffered Aspirin
16.50 per 
250 Packets of 2
Femcaps - Superior Menstrual Relief for Pain & Cramping
41.50 per 150 
Packets of 2
Mygrex - Relief for Migraine Headaches
33.90 per 150 
Packets of 2
Valihist (Replaces Anodynos Forte) - Relief for Allergies, cold, runny nose
41.50 per 150 
Packets of 2
Ultraprin - Sugar-free Ibuprofen 
21.45 per 250 
Packets of 2
Soothe-a-sting Swabs (for insect bites)
2.25 per 10

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